Impactory — 
Coworking Space


Long Story Short:

The brief: develop a powerful symbolic mark for a new coworking space.

Director's Cut:

Picture this: amidst light-hearted tensions between the client & my project manager regarding how much yellow is too much yellow, I was plugging away at proposals.

“It has to be yellow. Yellow is trendy this year” I kept hearing.

Deep breath.

It was 2015, and this was my first major client with Wink Strategies — the communications agency based in Montreal.

I was given the lead role in branding a coworking space in Moncton, Canada. At the time, the place was going to be called The Hive.

Google Adwords research would then reveal an uncanny obsession with bee architecture, making it impossible to rank the keyword. So the name changed to Impactory.

Regardless, beehive imagery as an allusion to coworking was quite effective, which resulted in a slew of honeycomb-shaped logos, culminating in what you see here.

Once I figured out a way to interlace symbols representing community, networking & space, it was nailed. Sometimes you just know!


The client liked the logo so much, they had me put it on their lawn.



Hugo Martinez  —  
Motorsportswear Designer


The letters HM; a racing flag; tire marks on asphalt.


Long Story Short:

Luxury motorsportswear designer Hugo Martinez approached me to develop a visceral brand identity, inspired by the experience of driving a race car.

Director's Cut:

“I’ve never told that to anyone” he said.

“Why did you tell me?” I asked.

[short pause]

“I knew you’d understand” he concluded.

It was fifth time we’d met in person.

I was taken aback, yet nodding internally. I knew his type. Tough past. Dreamer. Big dreamer. The uncommon energy Martinez radiates made more sense now. I seem to attract these types.

Five weeks earlier, he was driving me around a circuit of Montreal’s uptown streets at sunset, a ritual he repeats religiously.

“Visualize. Feel. Drive. That’s what it’s all about” he said. “I want something subtle, with the elegance of a luxury brand, but the power of a sports car.”

Before long, Martinez & I had the perfect logo, combining his initials with two of the most iconic visual cues from the racetrack: tire marks on asphalt & race flags.

The forward skew suggested speed, yet an overall feeling of composure and universality remained. Martinez gives me way too much credit for this. He's a fan.

Featuring the circuit of streets Martinez drives religiously.

Featuring the circuit of streets Martinez drives religiously.



Solicanada  —  
Outdoor Shade Specialists


Long Story Short:

New logo for a pergola company. Core idea: tame the sun.

Director's Cut:

Not much to go on here. Sometimes all you get is "they make pergolas & they want to refresh their outdated brand". 

"What's a pergola?"

Turns out they look like this & this. Essentially a large permanent shade maker with an on/off switch. Kinda cool, although I'm not their target market — I'm far too white to buy shade.

I picked up on the idea of white stripes blocking out the sun. To give it some dimension & a contemporary feel, I integrated the idea of heat waves. Voilà!